“I’m currently in Hadestown on Broadway and can’t tell you how much I needed to read your piece on vocal health. It was so empathetic and kind and wise and wow… normally you get either or. I read it and immediately felt less pressure to be ‘perfect’. So thank you. THANK YOU for putting together your professional experience to write such a compelling and compassionate post. I can’t express in words how truly thankful I am for finding it. I’m going to print it out and put it on my dressing room mirror!”

–Eva Noblezada, GRAMMY Award-Winner (Best Musical Theater Album) and two-time TONY Nominee (Miss Saigon, Hadestown)


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My Experience on American Idol

In my career, I’ve had some truly extraordinary performance experiences. Being on American Idol was no exception. During season six, I was called in to sing backup vocals for Hollywood Week, which brings the top 30 finalists to Los Angeles for seven days of intense...

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The Essence of Motivation

I met Bob Levey last month at a book fair we participated in together. A long-time columnist for the Washington Post, Bob recently turned his attention to writing books and is currently finishing up his second. I casually asked him how long the...

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Free Your Voice and Express Your True Self

I was recently interviewed by Tayo Rockson, author of “Use Your Difference to Make a Difference” (Wiley, 2019), about what makes a great therapist, and how to deal with the challenges that necessarily arise, with our clients and within ourselves. Tayo...

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What Are You Waiting For?

I worked with a wonderful singer/songwriter in London last week, who came to me with a list of problems. He wasn’t sure about his range or his tone, whether his songs were in the right key... Whether he was recording them correctly, whether his record is ready to be...

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The Triple Threat

In my practice, I work with a number of Broadway dancers who think that they can’t sing or act.  Which poses a real problem in an industry where being a 'triple threat'– having all three skills– is valuable. There are certainly plenty of dancing roles in theater, yet...

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F*$ck Perfection!

A singer/songwriter I’ve been working with recently told me that she can’t stand listening to recordings of herself. That she cringes at every missed note and tonal imperfection. She’s also a recording engineer working on her own projects, which makes things that much...

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The Power of Persistence

I’ve played piano all of my life. By ear. Meaning, that when I hear a song, I’m able to play it without needing to see the music. I can sight read single vocal lines, which is a necessity as a singer. And when pressed, I’m able to sit down and read a piano or...

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Embrace Your Voice, Embrace Yourself

Our voices reflect whatever is going on and whatever we are going through. And this applies to what is happening in our personal lives as well as with our physical health. At the beginning of our development and careers, we singers often underestimate the power of...

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Being Mindful versus Being Careful

I recently read an article in Business Insider about how often women overuse the word ‘just’; that it has become a ‘permission word’ which dilutes our message and weakens us when we speak. I’ve certainly found this to be the case. Not only in our words, but in our...

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You Are What You Read

I never thought much about children’s books until I had my first child. If asked, I would have guessed that they were largely sweet, with positive messages and morals. Now that I’m a mom, I find myself constantly surprised by the books I come across. The creativity...

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