“I’m currently in Hadestown on Broadway and can’t tell you how much I needed to read your piece on vocal health. It was so empathetic and kind and wise and wow… normally you get either or. I read it and immediately felt less pressure to be ‘perfect’. So thank you. THANK YOU for putting together your professional experience to write such a compelling and compassionate post. I can’t express in words how truly thankful I am for finding it. I’m going to print it out and put it on my dressing room mirror!”

–Eva Noblezada, GRAMMY Award-Winner (Best Musical Theater Album) and two-time TONY Nominee (Miss Saigon, Hadestown)


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My Experience on American Idol

In my career, I’ve had some truly extraordinary performance experiences. Being on American Idol was no exception. During season six, I was called in to sing backup vocals for Hollywood Week, which brings the top 30 finalists to Los Angeles for seven days of intense...

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Vocal Monogamy

Terrific singing demands that we toss out the overthinking entity that stands between us and our instruments, and to trust and listen to Our True Voice.

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You Are Your Own Best Teacher

Other people may have incredible amounts of knowledge to offer you. But it doesn’t become wisdom until you try it on, take it in, and make it your own.

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Sing Before You Sightread

Sight reading is not as common of a skill as it used to be. While classical and theater singers still rely heavily on sheet music, commercial vocalists often learn songs by example and imitation. Jazz, pop and R&B instrumentalists work with chord and number charts...

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Practical Tips on Performing: Phrasing

Recently, I was asked some great questions by a voice teacher and vocalist in China. After our session, I thought about the relevance of her young student’s issues for singers the world over and asked if she wouldn’t mind my sharing my ideas and exercise suggestions...

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Capturing the Magic in your Rough Recordings

Your songs come from the heart, and that’s where they should also be initially expressed, learned, and recorded. Stay connected and committed to your emotional conviction at all times, and the soul of your songs will always come through.

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The Joys of Being Wrong and Surpassed

For about a year now, I’ve been working with a songwriter, producer, and rapper– we’ll call him K– who came to me wanting to be able to sing on his own tracks. So much so, that on our first day together, he told me about his commitment to release an album of vocal...

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Brandi Carlile’s Lesson in Authenticity

I’ve always been a binge listener. I’m incapable of listening to music casually; any time a song comes on, my attention gets diverted and I lose myself in the world of it. The same goes for when I come across a new artist I like… I remember spending weeks immersed in...

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