Personal Coaching

Do you struggle with confidence and self-expression?

Do you struggle with confidence and self-expression? Are relationships and communication challenging for you? Do you have a hard time finding direction, creating and achieving your goals, or feeling at peace with the world and yourself?  If so, I would love to help you find your way to a place of calm, confidence, and power. I have spent my entire career working with men and women of all ages and walks of life to tackle their big questions and finally find the answers that bring them purpose, meaning, and peace.

“Jennifer has an innate and intuitive ability to hone in on the truth with the light of compassion, and to allow people to see things so many of us suppress.”
Kim Glover New York City
“I love Jennifer Hamady. In a world today that serves isolated and individual aspects of holistic problems, Jennifer addresses “The Voice” – technical, physical, expressive, and spiritual– as one entity. There’s no other way to say it… she truly is The Voice Whisperer.”
Karen Salmansohn Best-selling Author
“That was a most amazing, exciting, and mental-door-opening hour and a half. And fun to boot! Thank you so very much for your warmth, insight, and intelligence.”
Kathy Careddu Senior Project Manager, Building Energy Efficiency Field, City University of New York

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