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“I can’t think of time spent elsewhere that is so fulfilling, rewarding, vulnerable, loving, educational, and fun.”
Doug Ritchie, Singer / Songwriter, Edmonton Canada

“I adore Jennifer’s workshops! I have taken four, and each time I come away with a unique, powerful and life-changing experience. I am learning to have more courage, to show up in an authentic way with my authentic voice unafraid. I now know that the voice heals, and that when I open up to the experience, I triumph over the physical, emotional, and psychological issues that limit me. Brava, Jennifer! Please keep delivering your very successful and important work!”
– Shirley Moulton Founder, The ACADEMi of Life

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Washington DC and New York City:
Teacher Training

Saturdays, 2024 (TBD)


Singing Intensives

Private vocal sessions are helpful, but nothing is quite as powerful as working on your voice and performance craft with a small group of fellow singers. Sharing ourselves, learning from one another, receiving real-time feedback, and cultivating community are the gifts that are too often missing in the development of our artistry. This day is dedicated to just that. Six of us– myself and 5 other vocalists– will gather together to sing, listen, learn, take chances, and play. We’ll work on vocal technique, performance presentation, cultivating a unique sound and delivery, and overcoming those dreaded butterflies, in addition to any other voice, performance, and self-expression issues you’re dealing with.


Who This Day Is For:

Singers, actors, and performers wanting to:

  • broaden their understanding of their instruments, performance practice, and vocal technique
  • practice and hone their skills
  • gain confidence and a greater level of joy, ease, and power in their singing
  • maximize their stage presence and presentation
  • work on their material in front of an intimate and encouraging group

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Teacher Training Intensives

These sessions are similar to the Singing Intensives, yet with a particular focus on empowering those who teach and coach singers. We’ll be exploring my approach to vocal training– mind, body, and voice– as laid out in my series The Art of Singing. Following a discussion of overarching themes, physiology, and techniques, we’ll explore, manifest, and integrate the content in our own bodies and voices, as well as use mock coaching sessions to better understand some of the more challenging vocal and vocalist issues.


Who This Day Is For:

Voice teachers, creative coaches, music therapists, and others wanting to:

  • learn firsthand from Jennifer how to implement her coaching techniques
  • delve more deeply into the content of her books and articles
  • understand common emotional issues and concerns that interfere with optimal vocalization and performance pleasure, as well as how to resolve them
  • gain practical tools for helping vocalists to resolve the myriad technical issues that interfere with vocal excellence and self-expression

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Self-Expression Intensives

Join me for an exploration of personal and professional self-expression. These workshops, capped at 5 participants for maximum engagement and learning, are a unique and truly special opportunity to learn the physical and interpersonal tools necessary to tap into and share our true voices and selves. We’ll be exploring vocal and public speaking techniques, breathing and presence, communication styles and skills, as well as– and most importantly– practicing those tools together in an intimate and supportive group. 


Who This Day Is For:

Those wanting to:  

  • learn to express themselves bravely, authentically, and fearlessly
  • become more effective and respected at work, home, and in their communities
  • develop the knowledge, tools and most importantly, the experience of effective and successful interpersonal communication
  • learn how to regulate and modulate their voices, energy, and way of being
  • overcome barriers within themselves to fearless self-expression and interpersonal connection
  • experience the power of vulnerability as a pathway to power and peace

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I look forward to our working together!

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