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Jennifer has given lectures, keynote addresses and workshops at conferences and corporate events around the world on topics including self-expression and communication, confidence, personal presentation and performance practice.


Keynote Addresses, Master Classes and Workshops

I love speaking with and presenting to groups; it is such a wonderful way to grow together and learn from one another about personal, relational and performance challenges. Please contact me to talk about what your program, corporation, or team is looking for and we’ll tailor something specific to your needs.

And, if you’re in or interested in traveling to Washington DC or New York City, please join me for an upcoming vocal, performance, or speaking live (or online) event


Workshop and Speaking Clients Include

The American Bar Association
Women Presidents’ Organization
The New York Open Center
Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
Merrill Lynch
The Academi of Life
BuzzBack Market Research
The Creativity Workshop
GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services)
Women in Cable Telecommunications
The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group
New York Singing Teachers’ Association
The Gunston School 
Institute of the Arts in Healing
The Lookinglass Consultancy
Association of Language Travel Organisations (UK)
Expressive Therapies Summit
Songwriters Hall of Fame
TAXI Songwriting Convention
The Waldorf Schools 
It has been said that there is no better way to serve and nourish the magnificence in another person than to listen open-heartedly and without judgement, which Jennifer coaches and models beautifully. With clarity, laser articulation, and curiosity, her deep and genuine presence – along with her expertise in “holding the space” – provided an access for our team to a new experience of their potential in achieving business results.
Richard Strilowich  Executive IT Project / Program Manager, Coaching Community of Practice, IBM
Amazing and transformational – our young women loved working with Jennifer and have begged me to bring her back. Thank you so much!
Joel Sohn Director of Equity & Inclusion, Episcopal High School
“Thank you SO much for taking the time to help each and every one of us at the workshop. It really was inspiring to see you instantly connect and care for everybody in the room, and I was blown away by your talent, humbleness, and willingness to take chances on every one of us there."
Derik Nelson Singer and Guitarist, Seattle
"I adore Jennifer's workshops! I have taken four, and each time I come away with a unique, powerful and life-changing experience. I am learning to have more courage, to show up in an authentic way with my authentic voice unafraid. I now know that the voice heals, and that when I open up to the experience, I triumph over the physical, emotional, and psychological issues that limit me. Brava, Jennifer! Please keep delivering your very successful and important work!”
Shirley Moulton Founder, The ACADEMi of Life
I have known Jennifer and interacted with many of her clients over the years, all of whom have only glowing words about their experiences and newfound confidence. I also hosted a live webinar with Jennifer for a group of professionals in international administration, in which Jennifer quickly established trust, addressed their questions and concerns from a deeply skilled and heart-centered place, and brilliantly explained the psychology and emotionality that so often provides a barrier to success. I found myself, as the webinar went on, sitting back and observing the gentle and masterful way Jennifer was able to help people identify and relate to what their "blocks" were. It was unlike anything I'd experienced before as a facilitator and the evaluations after the session were positively glowing.
Missy Gluckmann  Founder, Melibee Global
Jennifer has a unique set of abilities–she is able to make a big room feel small and intimate, she makes people feel safe sharing their thoughts and aspirations, and she brings out a high level of engagement even during an 8:00am Monday morning keynote address. Jennifer worked closely with our students to create a shared vision for the event and then brought that vision into reality. She is someone who is excellent at encouraging free-form conversation and bringing out the best and most interesting parts of that conversation. I enthusiastically recommend Jennifer!"
David A. Miller Director of Global Programs, The Gunston School
"What a beautiful energy Jennifer has... like being around a human sun!"
Shelley Berc Founder, The Creativity Workshop, New York

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