“I’m currently in Hadestown on Broadway and can’t tell you how much I needed to read your piece on vocal health. It was so empathetic and kind and wise and wow… normally you get either or. I read it and immediately felt less pressure to be ‘perfect’. So thank you. THANK YOU for putting together your professional experience to write such a compelling and compassionate post. I can’t express in words how truly thankful I am for finding it. I’m going to print it out and put it on my dressing room mirror!”

–Eva Noblezada, GRAMMY Award-Winner (Best Musical Theater Album) and two-time TONY Nominee (Miss Saigon, Hadestown)


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Why We Sing

Understanding the voice and the psychology of singing is fascinating. But it is the joy, rather than the knowledge, that leads me on. It’s the mystery of this wild, wonderful gift that brings tears to my eyes and makes me remember what the journey, of singing and of living, is all about.

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Life Is Good

In every moment, regardless of our circumstances, there is an opportunity to pause and appreciate the blessings in our lives.

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Achieving Personal Peace and Vocal Freedom

When I was younger, I tried to find peace by being "not anxious." Rising in the morning, I would check in with myself and breathe a sigh of relief when anxiety was at bay, marveling at its absence. But, soon, I would feel the tingles of anxiety’s approach, its...

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About My Practice

My recent interview with New York University about my work and, specifically, the therapeutic aspects of my practice.

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Farewell, Painful Heels and Notes

We singers don’t need to push and strain our voices any more than we need to walk on our tippy toes to be sexy. We can be raw and real. We can speak our truth. We can whisper instead of shout. We can do whatever we damn well please.

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