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Singing Onstage and in the Studio

The New York Singing Teacher’s Association interviews Jennifer about her performance career, coaching practice, and her latest book Singing Onstage and in the Studio, going into depth about the psychology, relationships and technology in recording and live performance, performance anxiety, and what you need to know about recording and promoting yourself. VIDEO (starts at the 6 minute mark)

Meet Jennifer… Author, Therapist, and Vocal Coach

Howard Fletcher interviews Jennifer Hamady about her career, books, philosophy, and new Quarterly Live Master Classes. AUDIO

Resolving the Blocks that Keep Stopping you

Get Ignited with Dr. Christine Ranck interviews Jennifer on Resolving the Blocks that Keep Stopping You. VIDEO

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

The Kiner Hour with Ashani Mfuko interviews Jennifer on How to Overcome Performance Anxiety for Dancers, Singers, and Actors. VIDEO

The Art of Singing

London, UK interview with Jennifer on her book The Art of Singing and her work with singers, actors, and performers. AUDIO

Stage Fright

Singers Key Notes, NY interviews Jennifer about stage fright and the best ways to effectively deal with it. AUDIO

Monthly Facebook Live Q&As

Click Here to watch recordings of Jennifer’s Free Monthly Q&As on Facebook and YouTube. And Click Here to join in the conversation live on the first Monday of every month at 12pm EST! VIDEO

Netherlands Movement and Voice

Jennifer is interviewed for this Dutch retreat about the spiritual and holistic side of singing. VIDEO

Casting Depot Interview

Jennifer speaks with the Co-Founder and CEO of Casting Depot about all things singing, career, performance anxiety, saying yes to opportunities, and of course, casting. Read the interview here.

Finding and Using Your Best Voice

Jennifer speaks with Australian podcaster Manoj Kumar  about singing, fame, stage mothers, overcoming trauma, self-expression, parenthood, and more. AUDIO

Free Your Voice and Express Your True Self

Best-selling author Tayo Rockson interviews Jennifer about the psychology of finding your voice, how to talk to people you disagree with AND the difference between who you are and what you do… VIDEO

Conversations in Confidence

Paul Crick interviews Jennifer about her book: The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio, how to manage performance anxiety, and finding career balance and perspective. AUDIO

Finding Your Voice

iHeartRadio interview with Melissa Groman about finding your voice– literally and figuratively– as well as separating body image issues from creativity, acceptance, perfectionism and power struggles we don’t even know we have. AUDIO

Singing Onstage and In The Studio

The Shields Brothers interview Jennifer about her experience performing, music technology, and her book The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio. AUDIO

Coaching and Performing

Singers Key Notes, NY interviews Jennifer about her performance experiences, her book The Art of Singing, and her work as a voice coach. AUDIO

In addition to coaching and singing, I’ve enjoyed writing songs for years, a number of which have been featured on television, in film, and on recordings by artists in a variety of genres. My song “If You Ask Me To” (from “My Dream“) was a finalist in the American Idol Songwriting Competition, and I composed lyrics for a Musical Theater project as well as a new American Song Cycle entitled “The Journey” with Mark O’Connor. Over the years I’ve also released three recordings. “Sessions on 73rd”, recorded in New York, and “Labor of Love”, in Los Angeles, are both live recordings of some of my own favorite songs. “My Dream” is a collection of demos from various times and places in my writing career, and “Mother’s Day” is a song I still love, especially now that I am a mother too.

Sessions On 73rd

Mother’s Day

Labor of Love

My Dream

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