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“I am totally amazed by the two workshops I’ve attended. The kindness, bravery, and openness of the participants has been inspiring. What I find most jaw-dropping, however, is how you seem to be so in tune with each individual. Your thoughtful words and sensitivity emanate as pure joy. I sit in a pool of wonder. Thank you for what you do, but mostly for who you are while doing it.”    –Kelly Foulke


2021 Online Vocal and Performance Master Class Dates

Join us for our popular Online Master Classes! Upcoming 2021 dates are:

March 21
May 16
July 25
September 19
November 21

2-4:30pm EST

While our quarterly live master classes are open to the public, these workshops are capped at 20 people- 8 performers and 12 observers- to make sure that everyone has plenty of time to ask questions, perform, and receive coaching and feedback. $40US by Venmo or PayPalClick Here for More Details and Email Me to Register.

2021 Quarterly Facebook Live Q&A Dates

Bring your questions, ideas and challenges to our Free Quarterly Q&As– always the first Monday of the month at 12pm EST– on Facebook. Click Here to learn more and to join in the conversation! You can also watch past Q&As on Facebook and YouTube.

2021 Dates, 12pm EST:
February 1
May 3
August 2
November 1

February 16: GRACE Under Pressure Master Class ONLINE

This is an energizing 5-week, Professional Leader Development Program for those who want to reinvent their inner game of leadership. GRACE Under Pressure brings together best thinking, evidence, and tools from neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, and practical performance psychology used to build true self confidence and personal resilience. Facilitated by Jennifer Hamady and Paul Crick- Founder and Principal Partner of The Elevate Partnership- this unique Master Class is for those being asked to lead in and adapt to a world that is now asking business to serve society and people first.

Watch the 2 minute launch video to find out more and Click Here for details and to register.

March 20: Public Speaking 101 ONLINE

Considering giving a reading or presentation, but find yourself terrified by the idea? As writers, we long to share our creativity and passion, yet are often thwarted by fear and uncertainty. Join performance coach and therapist Jennifer Hamady to learn how to alleviate your apprehension and generate fantastic public deliveries. In this fun, interactive workshop, you’ll learn the practical tools to modulate and project your voice, expand your presence and impact, and connect with your audience, as well as how reading your work out loud can reveal more about what is on and underneath the page. Please bring a poem, article, or piece of writing– yours or someone else’s– to share with the group, as well as sense of humor and play.

Click Here to Learn More and Register

March 20 2021, 10am-1pm EST

Past Events and Links

Jan 31: Online Voice and Performance Master Class

Dec 1: Jennifer speaks at the Netherlands’ Divinity of Movement retreat about the spiritual side of singing. Click to Watch.

Dec 7: Facebook Live Q&A (click here to view all replays)

Nov 29: Casting Depot interview’s Jennifer about singing, saying yes to opportunities, and auditioning. Read the interview here.

November 10: Keynote Address, Kennesaw State University’s 5th Annual Diversity Week.

Oct 27: Corporate Branding and Presentational Training, WICT / BMLI

June 5: Keynote Address, The Swarm on Culture, Identity and Perspective

May 11: Manoj Kumar (Australia) interviews Jennifer on Anxiety, Self-Expression and Purpose. Click here to listen.

April 27: Kara Johnstad (Germany) interviews Jennifer on Voice and Performance Anxiety Click here to listen.

Feb 13: Internal Coaching Training: Voice, Expression and Communication
IBM London, UK

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