McKenzie Westmore

“Working with Jennifer has been such a blessing. She opened up my voice in so many ways and taught me truly incredible techniques. I not only had fun working with her, but my voice is stronger and I am by far a much better singer and speaker. Thank you,...

Lia Monya

“Jennifer has worked with me to begin my entrance into freedom not just as a musician, artist and singer but as a person, spirit and soul.”

Jim Ferrie

“I’d never seen a force of joy, compassion, sharp-mindedness, grace, experience and guts so captivating until I met Jennifer. The woman is an angel.”

Meredith Baker

“Jennifer has an innovative– and almost spiritual– way of getting people to think and sing outside the box. She helped me conceptualize my voice as not just an instrument, but something I could use my whole body and emotion to express. Jennifer also played an...

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