Before meeting Jennifer, I always categorized myself as dancer, singer in that order. I found Jennifer 5 years into my 7 year run at Mamma Mia on Broadway. I had studied with a dozen teachers before her who were all wonderful and helped me technically, but I still lacked confidence. In Mamma Mia we sang backup vocals for over 20 songs. We harmonized with 2-6 people in a vocal booth and had high expectations to maintain quality and consistency. As a dancer who sings this was often a daunting task. I really stressed about my tone, pitch, and just making sure I was singing the correct harmony. After only 1 session with Jennifer my life changed. We spent most of the first session chatting, it felt like therapy. Jennifer explained that the voice is very sensitive and anxiety and insecurity can really cause things to tighten up. She helped me to relax, enjoy and approach singing in the same way I do dancing. My show changed, I enjoyed my job more and I began owning my gift as a singer. I now confidently tell people that I am singer as well as a dancer. Jennifer is a gifted teacher with such a passion for her craft. I’m so blessed that I found her.
Monica Kapoor Singer and Dancer, Mamma Mia on Broadway

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