Michelle Martin

“As a musician and music educator, I am always looking for new curriculum to use in my studio. I have not only had many years of vocal training, but have been coaching students for over 20 years. I have always felt the popular (and most common) vocal training was...

Mimi Parroco

“Words cannot express how much your book has done for me as a singer and as an aspiring music educator. Thank you!”

Dr. James Fallon

“Jennifer Hamady is a one in a million find. We are talking about a brilliant and truly special person.”

Jonathan Doyel

“The Art of Singing transformed me as a singer and teacher and enriched my life. So I was surprised to find myself reading Learning to Sing with a bit of a critical eye. But I wasn’t disappointed. Every page has rich thoughts; every question my mind brought up...

“The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio will be an enormous help to performers and those who record them. Jennifer has a deep psychological understanding of performance anxiety and those issues that make recording the singer difficult. Best of all, she suggests...

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